Withdrawals At INDIBET

Withdrawing money is one of the main types of interaction between a client and a bookmaker. Here they act as equal partners in the transaction. For both parties to be satisfied with the result, a whole procedure for INDIBET withdrawing was developed here. The bookmaker requires the punter to follow the rules. Then the transfer of winnings will not be difficult. The entire financial side of the relationship between the customer and the platform is thoroughly described in the rules. And the translations are provided with the necessary level of personal data protection

Indibet Withdrawal

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How To Withdraw Funds

There are several rules and procedures for the correct transaction of money to a client’s account.

Withdraw rules:

  • All winnings made according to the bookmaker’s rules can be removed by the client to their accounts.
  • All minimum and maximum cash-outs from a personal account can be requested by the client around the clock.
  • The player has access to their funds through their account.
  • Funds are transferred only to the punter who won them.
  • Clients’ money can only be transferred through the same transfer system via which the deposit was made.
  • All available additional questions on cash-outs should be sent for consideration to: [email protected]

Withdraw procedure:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Then click on “Withdrawal”
  3. Select the amount
  4. Choose a banking system
  5. Enter the required bank information
  6. Account password and confirmation

How to withdraw funds

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Withdrawal Limits

INDIBET withdrawing limits exist to minimize the client’s losses when cashing out money and to optimize money transfers. The use of e-wallets recommended by the bookie allows the client to quickly and safely transfer funds to the account. Their use does not require the involvement of a bank as an intermediary. This allows the punter to calmly manage their funds.

Minimum Maximum Time
Mastercard 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
UPI 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
Skrill 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
PaySafe Card 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
Paytm 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
UPayCard 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
Neteller 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
PayPal 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days
Bitcoin 1,000 IRN 200,000 a day 1-3 working days

Indibet Withdrawal Limits

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Account Verification

This online platform also offers a new player an obligatory and simple procedure for verifying a game account for INDIBET withdrawing:

  • To identify the customer, you must provide a passport or driver’s license. Also, any other identity documents.
  • To identify the place of residence, the punter can provide a photocopy of any utility bill that is not more than three months old.
  • Especially for gamblers from India, there is an opportunity to carry out verification using a local Aadhaar card.

What is the verification procedure for?

  1. This procedure is necessary for the punter to be able to deposit and withdraw funds.
  2. The verification procedure ensures transparency of the relations between the customer and the wagering platform.
  3. Apart from that, it allows this service to protect the client’s deposit from unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Verification confirms the correctness of the player’s bank account, but it does not deal with the problems of the origin of funds for bets.
  5. To transfer the winnings from the platform to the player’s account, it is necessary that the winning bet was made according to the rules of fair play of the bookmaker.
  6. To increase the security of INDIBET withdrawing, the platform periodically and selectively may require you to upload verification documents to the site.

Account Verification

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Possible Issues

Transferring money is always fraught with the possibility of minor problems. Therefore, the company has developed several protective mechanisms in case of unforeseen problems when removing cash.

  • Violation of the terms of use. During the registration process, the platform participant agrees with all the conditions of the bookmaker. If some conditions are not met, the INDIBET withdrawal may be canceled.
  • Not using an individual account. If a punter does not place bets from his account for 12 months, then this account will be closed and then the funds cannot be moved.
  • Laundering of money. If the gambler falls under suspicion of money laundering or other illegal actions, then all actions on the account will be blocked.
  • Using other means of transferring money. If the client tries to transfer their funds with the help of other transfer agencies that are not registered with the bookmaker, then this attempt will be blocked.
  • Responsible gambling. If the rules of responsible gambling are not followed, then the platform reserves the right to block the player’s account.

In any way, in case of any suspicion of errors during INDIBET withdrawing, the punter can immediately inform the bookmaker’s administration. To do this, you need to use the support service on the official website.

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Is It Safe to INDIBET Withdrawal?

Transferring money from the platform to the player’s account is completely safe, it is regulated by the legislation and the security structure of the transfer operator.

How Long Does It Take to Transfer Money?

The time it takes to transfer money depends on the payment system. It usually takes 1 to 3 days.

What Is the Commission for INDIBET Withdrawals?

There is no commission for money transfers. It depends only on the money systems used to transfer funds.