INDIBET Tennis Betting - Expert Guide

Our platform has created the most comfortable conditions for permanent sports wagering. Our bookmaker allows punters to wager on all the best contests of 2021. These competitions run around the clock due to time differences, so we provide our customers with 24/7 access to the site. We have developed a simple and intuitive interface for all sports. This type of wagering will become an easy game for every punter from India. With us, all gamblers will be able to find the best wagering odds and can develop the right tennis betting strategies for themselves. We, in turn, have created all the conditions for this. Here punters will find the opportunity to punt on: contests or series of contests to be played, for the contests that are already on in the real time, trade rates with other punters - our special section “Exchange”. Customers can take advantage of these and many other opportunities of our bookie by registering on our official website on the Internet or using any other gadget.

Tennis Betting

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How to Bet on Tennis Online

We have created the simplest conditions for wagering:

  1. You need to find our website on the Internet
  2. Go through the quick registration procedure
  3. Login to the individual account
  4. Go to the “Sportbook” menu
  5. Select proper website menu
  6. Select contest
  7. Pick up stake type: Money Line, Team Totals, Mix Parlay, Outright or 1st set winner
  8. Make a punt or a few of them
  9. Watch online how parameters of events are changing
  10. Also, it is possible to make rates in real time if customers see the opportunity

And it’s done – all types of contests in live mode, events that have not yet started at all world championships are at the service of our clients

All possible wagers and rates will be immediately indicated by our bookie

Every customer will find a section “My favourites” here. Here they can find all events to stake on.


How to bet on tennis online

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Major Tennis Tournaments You Can Bet On

Most of the customers in this area are attracted by the Grand Slam. The strongest athletes are collected here, and the results are very unpredictable, which increases the final odds.

There are the following kinds:

  • single
  • paired
  • mixed games (where a pair of men plus a woman plays against the same pair)
  • and team events.

The most important competitions are held within the ATP tour for men and the WTA tour for women. The winners of these world stages receive prize money and points for the overall rating among men and women, respectively. Such conditions open up even more chances for gamblers for all types of betting predictions.

We represent:

  • Australian Open
  • French Open or Roland Garros
  • ATP series
  • WTA
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Also intermediate ITF
  • ATP challengers
  • Interseasonal exhibition championships

Most events are singles or doubles. But there are team kinds of the standoff, where also is possible to stake results:

  • Men’s – Davis Cup
  • Woman’s – Fed Cup

The Grand Slam championships are a series of four of the largest events – the Australian and the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open. They attract the most attention of fans of this sport. The rest of the competitions are held so that sportsmen have the chance to score points and rise in world rankings.


Major Tennis Tournaments You Can Bet On

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Various Types of Tennis Bets

Types of Tennis Bets

Our INDIBET tennis betting guide presents the company’s customers with the probability to understand all the options.

When punting on sports, clients should take into account that we cover a large number of these competitions.

The platform makes it possible to wager on:

  • favourite athletes in this sport
  • all rivals
  • all major competitions
  • fall elements of the contest
  • and also make several simultaneous punts

Some rates do not always coincide in tournaments. For example, there are tournaments where the tie-break rules differ from each other. The possibility of such wagers will be limited.

There are also contests to which we initially attribute a lower wagering coefficient. These are not the most significant competitions, so the winnings at them are lower than at the Grand Slam tournaments.

When someone wagers on a certain athlete, keep in mind that at the Grand Slam championships, the opponent must be 2 points ahead of his opponent to triumph. This should be taken into account when wagering on results.

You will find different odds when wagering on:

  • The triumphant of the match
  • The amount of sets won for the winner
  • Unforced errors
  • The expense of the first set
  • The total amount of games in the set
  • The total of outs
  • The total of tie-breaks
  • The total difference in the amount of balls at the end of the thing
  • The time spent on the court, etc.

The money line was developed by us specifically for the convenience of all customers who use the main type of wager – who will win in a particular match.

Before the start of each event, our experts assess the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent. Then the favorite and the loser in the contests are named before the start of the game itself. Here, everyone who wagers is proposed to have a handicap in the rate. The strong player is assigned a negative coefficient and the weak player is assigned a positive coefficient. This speaks of the opposite chances of players to win a thing.

Outrights is a kind of rate when punters can predict the winner of future Grand Slam tournaments. Here we already offer a coefficient to each player. The one who rates on the athlete with lower odds will have more chances of winning a large amount, and this sportsman will win the event.

Totals is a very simple kind of wager. We have already set the money line for the streak. Punters can only guess whether the line will be higher or lower than the bookie’s line after the end of the series of events. If the proposed athletes are almost equal in the final rankings, then the line is higher. It doesn’t matter which athlete wins here, all that is needed to know is how many games were played in a match to determine the winner.

Mix Parlay. We enable players to rate with decimal rates. Such odds indicate future winnings. They include the profit from the rate and the return of the wager itself.

The first set winner is a popular type of wager. Especially when strong pre-match favorites participate in the match. Then the odds are low, and the winnings from the wager on the winner of the first set will be large.

Some Grand Slam championships have rules where the event goes up to five sets. Then there is an opportunity to bet Over or Under on the number of sets in the game of strong favorites.</p

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Tennis Betting Odds & Lines

The odds of our bookmaker before being shown to the punters are the result of a great deal of work done by our experts.

They take into account:

  1. previous tennis player odds
  2. the average number of matches per year
  3. how the player behaves on different court surfaces, etc.

Such a scoring system makes it possible to determine the results of the contest and all its game elements with an accuracy of one point. And this leads to the fact that our customers always receive up-to-date information and rates are always confirmed by data.

Our punters should always remember that Grand Slam competitions differ in terms of rules, like all other tournaments. They should always take these specifics into account and take advantage of such opportunities.

Tennis Bettings Odds and Lines

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Live Tennis Betting at INDIBET

For the most adventurous fans, INDIBET tennis betting developed the possibility of wagering on events that are already underway – in live mode.

This section of our bookmaker presents:

  • Events that are already underway
  • Games scheduled for today
  • Games that have already finished (this will help our clients to correctly calculate their future bets)
  • Money line where all bets on individual matches are presented: on the winner and on the winner of the first set with odds for winning
  • Tim totals where each punter can track points earned and choose odds
  • Winner of the first set with the results of already identified winners and the ability to rate on tennis players who are still playing
  • Outrights of where to place bets on tournament winners, etc.

Live Tennis Betting

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Tennis Betting Tips & Predictions

As a rule, tennis matches are played in tournaments. They are different by the rules and time gap. It is difficult for a client to navigate all the nuances of all championships.

Therefore, we propose punters’ tennis betting tips and predictions before placing wagers.

Here our company analytics propose tips for choosing wagers:

  1. First, our customers need to find out what kind of match or series of matches it is – singles, doubles or team.
  2. Try to understand the rules of a particular tournament: how many sets are needed to triumph, the amount of tie-breaks, etc.
  3. For a rate on an athlete, they can use the ATP rating. The lower the opponent is in this rating, the weaker he is, which means the chances of winning are different. Because of this, the coefficients for the match will differ.
  4. If the rivals are close to each other in the ranking, only a few points. Then the additional parameters of athletes should be taken into account:
    • the amount of games already played in the contests,
    • the injury hazard of the coverage,
    • what season the athletes spent before meeting each other,
    • whole previous statistics,
    • weather
    • right-handed or left-handed athlete, etc.
  5. Using such data, our autonomous odds determination system will be able to predict the possibility of winning with a probability of up to 70%. This increases the chances of the customers winning.

Tennis Betting Tips

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Is it Safe to Bet on Tennis Online at INDIBET?

The activities of our bookmaker are provided by the legislation in the territory of India. We have all the necessary licenses for our activities, as well as we ourselves monitor the honesty and transparency of our activities

What Profit Can I Make Waging on Tennis with INDIBET Bookie?

We provide each client with a proper accompaniment of all his money transfers after registration so that everyone has the opportunity to withdraw all winnings to their account.

Handicap betting in tennis – what does that mean?

When placing such a bet, one player is given a clear advantage, and the other player is left with a deficiency in the bet – a handicap. This balances the chances of both players to win. Most bets in tennis are made on the victory of one of the athletes.