INDIBET Kabaddi Betting

While there is no doubt cricket and football are in demand among Indian bettors, kabaddi doesn’t fall far behind. It occupies third place in the popularity rating in the region. It seems reasonable since the contact sport originated in India. As its popularity grew, the competitions reached the national level. Professionals began competing in championships on both national and international levels. Eventually, the Pro Kabaddi League was created. Nowadays, the most fascinating kabaddi event of the year attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers. As the popularity of kabaddi has greatly increased in recent years, the demand for kabaddi betting services has, too. Take advantage of our INDIBET kabaddi betting tools to add thrill to watching your favorite game. We accept numerous bet types for all major kabaddi events in Indian rupees. Learn everything about the peculiarities of betting on kabaddi in 2021 and win money by making correct predictions.

Kabaddi Betting

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How to Bet on Kabaddi Online

Most inexperienced bettors might think that betting online is confusing and complicated. However, it is easier than you might think. Our site allows doing it in a few quick steps:

  • Create an account if you are new to INDIBET or log in if you already have one;
  • Verify your account has enough funds to submit a bet or deposit the desired sum of money via a preferred payment method;
  • Explore the Sportsbook to navigate to the dedicated section;
  • Select the wanted event from the list and learn about the odds, lines, additional facts about the game;
  • Choose the desired bet type;
  • Define how much you are willing to risk;
  • Wager on the wanted game outcome.

If your prediction is correct and you win money, you’ll be able to receive the payout in Indian rupees.


How to bet on Kabaddi online

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Popular Kabaddi Leagues & Tournaments

The steady growth of popularity for this kind of sport had led to the appearance of numerous tournaments, championships, and smaller-level events throughout Asia. The most well-known and widely followed kabaddi events, however, remain:

  • Pro Kabaddi League;
  • Kabaddi World Cup (often referred to as Federation Cup);
  • National Kabaddi Championship;
  • Asian Games.

Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) title is self-explanatory. The competition for professionals originated in 2014. It reminds the IPL a lot in terms of the event format. PKL is supported by the AKFI (Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India), AKF (Asian Kabaddi Federation), and IKF (International Kabaddi Federation).

The International Kabaddi Federation organizes the World Cup. It’s an indoor international competition in a standard style. Both men’s and women’s teams participate in it. So far, 12 teams from India, Iran, Bangladesh, South Korea, and other countries compete here. If you don’t have much experience with kabaddi betting and only begin to explore the available event, don’t miss the opportunity to wager on this event.

National Kabaddi Championship is the oldest recognized kabaddi event in India. The annual competition gathers teams from all Indian states in a huge stadium for a spectacular event. Moreover, the event covers sub-junior, junior, and senior for boys and girls.

Asian Games have originally added the game as a demonstration event. Only in 1990, it became a medal event. Most years, Indian men’s and women’s teams have won gold medals. However, in 2018, Iran became a winner in both categories.

In addition to these well-known events, there are Kabaddi Masters, Super Kabaddi League, Junior World Kabaddi Championship, etc.


Popular kabaddi leagues

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Kabaddi Bet Types

Kabaddi betting has certain peculiarities since the game differs from other sports. Moreover, bettors may pick from three main bet types, while each category has additional options:

  1. Outright bets allow wagering on the overall game result. Predict how a certain game, tournament, league, or competition will end and win real money with INDIBET;
  2. Pre-match bets presuppose you submit the bet slip before the game begins. In this case, you may bet on:
    1. winner;
    2. draw;
    3. top raider;
    4. top tackles;
    5. the team with 15 points in the 1st half;
    6. individual players.
  3. Live bets provide an opportunity to submit bets on ongoing events. Navigate to the Live section to wager on various game statistics while watching it unfold. In this section, you may bet on the number of goals per half, targets reached, number of red/yellow cards, etc.

You are sure to have lots of fun betting on kabaddi, mainly because we allow pro kabaddi betting and accept all sorts of bet types. While you may pick traditional bet types and wager on the winner/draw, etc., there are great alternatives, too. For example, try to predict the total goals or cards (red and yellow separately). Submit your prediction beforehand and add thrill to watching your favorite squad compete. Or discover the in-play betting tool to bet during the game.

The selection of bet types may differ based on the specific game. So, click on each event to discover all betting possibilities available at the moment.


Kabaddi Bet Types

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Kabaddi Betting Odds and Lines

In case you are searching for good odds, INDIBET is your top solution. We offer great deals and top betting odds on numerous kabaddi championships and leagues. Discover the latest information and updates by studying the lines. Simply pick kabaddi from the catalog of sports, explore all upcoming events, odds, bet types. Everything is conveniently organized in lines to help you get the best deal.

Keep in mind that when you opt for in-play betting, the odds may differ throughout the game. Get updates in real-time lest you miss the recent developments.

Kabaddi Betting odds and Lines

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Live Kabaddi Betting at INDIBET

Kabaddi is a very variable game. Everything may change really fast. It makes live (in-play) betting exciting and thrilling, to say the least. The feature allows you to place bets on the ongoing games. Meanwhile, you may watch it on TV. So, observe the players, their skills/style of play, and wager on what you think will happen next.

We offer convenient in-play betting tools to every player, no matter whether you bet from your desktop or smartphone. Soon, you’ll be able to get our kabaddi betting app to bet from any smartphone or tablet. For now, to place a live bet, you must complete several steps:

  • Navigate to the Live section;
  • Select the ongoing kabaddi event you are interested in;
  • Study the current odds and betting options;
  • Choose the prediction you desire to wager on;
  • Define the sum you wish to bet;
  • Submit the slip.

The interface is user-friendly and simple. It’ll guide you through the process step-by-step and allow betting on the ongoing game within a few seconds.


Live Kabaddi Betting

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Betting Tips and Strategies for Kabaddi

Kabaddi Betting Tips

If you bet to win, you must learn everything about the game and betting markets. Understanding what’s going on during the tournament is crucial for making successful bets. If you are interested in kabaddi betting online, take into account the following tips and strategies:

  1. Discover the complete selection of kabaddi sports markets; You should know what kabaddi events happen throughout the season and which ones you may bet on. Look through the catalog of available events in the betting section and learn more about the teams, players, and other essential information you may need. Such facts are sure to help you bet successfully.
  2. Account for the odds and their fluctuation; The markets may change quite rapidly, especially if you prefer live betting. Discover the odds and track the changes using our betting tool. You are sure to obtain the newest data and enjoy a convenient layout of all odds and lines. Remember that the highest odds don’t guarantee any result and even betting on moderate odds may bring you a substantial sum of money.
  3. Account for the teams’ previous encounters; Before diving into kabaddi betting and placing high-stake bets, take a closer look at the stats and team’s rating. The numbers will show you how the previous competitions between the two rivals ended. While the past scores can not indicate how things will end up this time, it’s sure to provide you with some insights into how they usually interact.
  4. Knowing too much could become a burden; Do not try to learn everything at once. Work on your personal game perception, its evolution, peculiarities, etc. This will help you come up with a unique betting strategy and make better decisions.
  5. Take responsibility for your actions; As fascinating as kabaddi betting may be, it’s important to remain within the predefined budget. Submit each bet slip with consideration of how much money you risk with and how much you may lose. Even if you are on the roll, the luck doesn’t usually last. You may eventually make a mistake, too. So, play responsibly and stop your emotions from changing your betting decisions.
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Does INDIBET provide legal kabaddi betting services?

INDIBET is a licensed bookmaker. We offer legal betting services to all customers because we have a license from the regulatory body in Curacao.

May I bet on kabaddi events with Indian rupees?

We accept Indian rupees and offer numerous convenient payment methods to help you deposit/withdraw your money in INR. In case you don’t see this currency by default as you access our website, you may adjust the currency in the top screen section. Click on the currency and pick Indian rupees from the list.

Do you accept live bets on Pro Kabaddi League?

Pro Kabaddi League is one of the most-watched sports events in India. Surely, we accept various bets on this event, including live bets. Navigate to the live betting page to uncover the complete list of possibilities for kabaddi.

Does INDIBET stream kabaddi events live?

So far, we do not offer live streaming options for kabaddi events. However, this feature is currently in development. So, keep your hand on the pulse and stay tuned for the latest news and be among the first ones to discover the live streaming feature once it launches.

May I wager on Pro Kabaddi games with INDIBET?

Surely. You may wager on various kabaddi events, including the Pro League. Besides, the selection of events is gradually increasing since the demand for this game is growing fast. Discover all kabaddi betting odds and events by choosing kabaddi in the list of available sports.