INDIBET Badminton Real Money Betting

Badminton is considered by many a niche sport but it has a strong following in some countries. It means that this sport can produce outstandingly impressive athletes capable of grabbing the crowd’s attention and bring in cash for sponsors. What it also means is that there is an industry worth investing in. INDIBET offers you to try out online betting on badminton. If you think that this sport is something you know enough about to make an informed bet, working with us is a good idea. Currently, INDIBET is a bookmaker for people who enjoy legal betting and gambling. We offer a wide array of adult entertainment options: Sports betting with 22 different types of disciplines to bet on; Live casino with professional dealers and outstanding streaming quality; Live cricket betting with an option to watch the game; Betting on political events and even a functional exchange for betting tickets. Despite the variety of options for entertainment, our clients enjoy a well-ordered catalog of products and can easily find the right betting product. We organized everything neatly in easily distinguishable groups and menu paths so you will never feel lost.

Badminton Betting

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How to Bet on Badminton

Since badminton’s popularity is not as high as tennis, the viewership is relatively low and the competitive structure of most events is still akin to many amateur sports. For example, it is quite common for players to play several matches per day leaving many bettors without enough time to make an informed decision. The key is to assess the matchups beforehand and create a good plan of action.

To make a bet on a badminton match on the INDIBET website, you need to follow a very simple procedure:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Create a new account using the “Sign Up” form in the upper-right corner of the interface.
  3. In the catalog, find Badminton.
  4. Choose the type of bet.
  5. Choose the match and the player or team you want to bet on.

On the INDIBET website search for badminton in the left-most part of the interface. The section with the catalog of sports offers you a wide choice of options to choose from including but not limited to:

  • Soccer — a team sport that does not need an introduction;
  • Tennis — simple and elegant;
  • Basketball — a highly popular team sport in North America;
  • Football — a mostly American team sport;
  • Snooker — a billiard game for true intellectuals;
  • Formula 1 — the most iconic of all racing competitions.

How to bet on badminton

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Badminton Tournaments to Bet On

There are several main events that any badminton fan should pay attention to. While separate events are rarely broadcasted internationally, some circuits and tourneys are quite important and attract strong viewership. Here are some of them:

  • Olympic events. The main summer sports event occurring every four years is certainly a celebration of amateur sports on a level that makes everything else in this area look pale in comparison. Badminton has been an important competition in the Olympic schedule since 1992 when it was first included in the program. It is a single-elimination tournament with hundreds of athletes represent over 50 countries.
  • The Badminton World Federation championship is a series of events that has been around since 1977. The championship is held every four years and broadcasted globally.
  • Thomas Cup (for men) and Uber Cup (for women) is a special competition where pairs of men and women compete every two years. It has been around since 1949 and has a rigid structure with 12 teams entering the final stage after a rough qualification event.
  • Sudirman Cup is one of the most prestigious events in South Asia. It is undeniably on the must-watch list of any badminton fan. Doubles and mixed doubles matches are played in a mixed tournament with the best coming out on top in the end. The history of the event started in 1989 and carries the name of one of the greatest players of all times Dick Surdiman.
  • BWF super Series is a special tournament where TOP 32 athletes from China, India, Indonesia, and other top badminton countries compete against each other in doubles and singles until champions are crowned. The prize pool is quite hefty: ₹14.7 million. Additionally, winners receive points for international ranking. This event is held annually and was founded in 2006.

Badminton Tournaments to Bet On

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Badminton Bet Types

Despite the variety of betting options including first-half wagers, the most popular type of badminton betting is still picking the winner of a match. The odds are presented in a decimal form making it easy for experienced bettors to make informed decisions. Here’s a simple example of how the system works:

  • Two players may have opposing winning odds displayed as 1.5 against 3.5.
  • The winning bet will pay out accordingly to these proportions.
  • If you bet ₹100 on player 1 and win, you get to take home ₹250 (your bet + ₹150).
  • If you bet ₹100 on player 2 and win, you receive ₹450 (your bet + ₹350).

There are additional types of badminton betting that you should consider:

  1. Mixed Parlays are complex bets that should be used only by experienced bettors. You must make several picks for winners of different matches within a certain tournament. Guessing all winners correctly allows you to get a huge payout but it is an unlikely scenario.
  2. First-set winner is a straightforward concept where you need to guess who wins the first set of three in a match.
  3. Team totals is a bet applicable to badminton similar to other games where opposing sides are trying to accumulate points. You must place a bet on the number of points that a certain competitor will gain over the course of the match.

Badminton Bet Types

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Live Badminton Betting at INDIBET

Badminton betting is excellent for people who already consider themselves fans of the sport since you will be enjoying any competition much more if there is more at stake than your fandom of a certain badminton celebrity.

Live online badminton betting allows you to make place bets during a match. While the odds will be adjusted depending on the flow of the game, you will still have an option to increase the adrenaline output of your body. With odds updated in real-time, you will have relevant data at hand at all times.


Badminton Live Betting

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Badminton Odds & Lines Comparison

It is quite important to know the current situation across different bookies. INDIBET badminton betting odds and lines are kept competitive to ensure that all clients have access to fair bets! Our detailed spreadsheets display all possible bets and lines for all upcoming and ongoing events so that you have the whole set of data to make an informed decision.

Badminton Odds & Lines

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Tips for Badminton Betting

Tips For Badminton Betting

It is quite important to make bets with sufficient information at hand. Here are some badminton betting tips to increase the likelihood of you making money.

Tip #1. Pay attention to the rules of the event. Each tournament has its own strict rules. Some players may drop out due to disqualification or other incidents not directly related to matches themselves. Some negative occurrences affected players at Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Tip #2. Keep track of head-to-head scores. Certain match-ups have more predictable outcomes than others. It is more than possible for players to meet each other many times over the course of a long career. Make sure to know who is better.

Tip #3. Never remove your hand from the pulse of the badminton world. It is important to dive deep into the news cycle related to the sport. However, you should also pay attention to social networks where players often publish information about their personal life. Some personal mishaps may affect the performance on the court.

Tip #4. Don’t underestimate the pressure. It happens quite often that a leading athlete simply collapses under pressure when they want to finish the match as quickly as possible. Sometimes, choking is something apparent. Pay close attention to a player’s psyche.

Tip #5. What’s in a rating? All athletes participating in professional or semi-professional badminton events are ranked according to their performance. Make sure to value strongly performing players over those whose positions in the global rankings are shaky.

Tip #6. Time zones affect players! Jetlag is a huge factor in any competition. It is especially important for games like badminton where reaction speed and overall tonus are hugely impactful. If a player arrived across an ocean just before the event started, their performance may be lacking.

Tip #7. Pay attention to participants and how they are distributed in doubles. The best players often participate in both types of competitions especially in international events with multiple types of matches and teams representing nations. These athletes are on average better than others.

These tips are quite useful in any form of betting. However, there are some important little things that should be thoroughly considered when it comes to badminton matches. For example, the game is played by birdie. It is not a heavy tennis ball. When games are played outdoors the games can be easily affected by wind direction, rain, and other weather hazards. Considering these factors will make a bet on a badminton game more likely to pay off.

It is also important to take advantage of complex bets. Parlays, win bets, and first-set winners are all viable options to diversify your betting strategy and increase your chances of winning.

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Can You Wager Real Money on Badminton Matches at INDIBET?

INDIBET is a large sports betting website offering its services to clients from all across the globe. We are proud to support not only soccer and golf as well as other hugely popular disciplines but also niche athletic events such as badminton tournaments. You can use real money to make bets on badminton matches and enjoy your favorite game with even brighter enthusiasm!

Is It Possible to Make Money Betting on Badminton?

Sports betting should not be considered a viable main source of income for inexperienced bettors. Only veterans with years of experience and good insight into the world of a specific discipline can make living by betting. You can win huge sums of money on a regular basis. However, in the long run, earning money with betting requires dedication, expertise, and patience.

Is Badminton Betting Legal at INDIBET?

INDIBET is a lawful company operating according to the best international business practices and local regulations. We offer our services legally. However, we may refuse to serve people from countries where betting is prohibited. If your local laws do not prevent you from betting, INDIBET is one of the safest places to enjoy your hobby.

Can I Bet on Badminton with a Bonus from INDIBET?

You can use bonuses from INDIBET on any bet eligible for the bonus program. However, you should refer to the Terms and Conditions to learn more about bonus restrictions.

Can I bet on Badminton from my phone at INDIBET?

Yes, you can use any device with a browser to access our website and make a bet. The interface of the website is designed to be friendly towards both laptop and mobile users.