INDIBET Dota 2 Betting Guide

Are you a fan of e-sports and want to find a great place for Dota 2 betting? INDIBET is a perfect choice for you! Our service provides the majority of popular bookmaker offers for 2021. It covers the bulk of popular sport types including e-sports, cybersports, and virtual sports as well. So, feel free to visit our web-site and make a bet on your favorite team, player, or any other variant. We provide various betting options, so you have a pretty large choice of simple and complex bets. Just choose the most preferred one according to your betting experience. Furthermore, you will find here the best and most accurate odds on the market. In this article, you will find out all the useful information about betting on Dota 2. We have checked out numerous guides and threads on Reddit to compile the ultimate “How to wager on Dota 2 and gain success” article. Learning some features of the game, its top teams and players, how to analyze a match, and many other helpful details will significantly increase your possibility of winning. So don’t hesitate to read further, create a profile, make a bet, and win!

Dota 2 Betting

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How to Bet on Dota 2

Our site is very convenient and has quite a simple navigation. In this way, it won’t be complicated for you to make a bet. All you need is to follow the next points:

  • If you are a new user on our service, create a profile. The process takes just several minutes. Provide all the required details and verify the account.
  • Make a deposit. You need to replenish your balance on the sum you are going to bet with. Remember to check out the list of current promotional offers provided by our service as you have a chance to receive some free cash, extra bets, and so forth.
  • Go to the “Sportsbook” page. Also, you can make a bet from “Exchange” as well.
  • Find the “Esports” section among other sports and choose “Dota 2”.
  • Select an event you want to make a bet on.
  • Choose one of the Dota 2 bets you want to try. There is a large selection of different options.
  • Check out the odds and click on the preferred ones.
  • Fill in the betslip.
  • Press the “Place bet” button”.

In that case, if your prediction was correct, you will receive an appropriate sum of money on your balance after the ending of a match.

How to bet on Dota 2

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Dota 2 Tournaments & Events to Bet On INDIBET

Dota 2 Tournaments for Betting

Dota 2 is one of the most prominent titles around the globe. It covers numerous competitions and championships during a year. We provide you both Dota 2 India events as well as numerous international and other local matches. Check out the list of the biggest competitions provided by our service.

Event Description
2021 The International For today, this tournament is considered the biggest one among all the esports events. The competition is hosted by Valve, the developer of the title. The size of the final prize promises to be very large as it’s compiled via in-game battle pass system crowdfunding. In this way, the pool is going to be bigger than $40 million. This year, 18 best teams will take part in the event. It will be the largest esports championship of this year.
EPIC League Season 3 This competition is one of the biggest championships in Europe. In this way, sixteen teams from Europe and CIS countries will compete and show their skills for the award of $100,000. The competition is divided into several Divisions consisting of eight teams per each. The best team of the First Division may receive $85,000 when the best participants of the Second Division compete for $15,000.
2021 One Esports Singapore Major Players from all around the globe have an opportunity to take part in this big competition. It provides quite a big prize of half a million dollars and includes numerous matches. In this way, it’s a great platform for talented players to show their skills and gain success in the international arena.
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Types of Dota 2 Bets

Visiting our service, you will find a large selection of different INDIBET Dota 2 bets. Due to the success of the title, the Internet is full of various betting options for this game. In this way, players may make bets not only with rupees. There is skin betting as well as other types of bets on some in-game currencies or items. Nevertheless, our service offers only high-quality options and provides the most popular and interesting types of bets for cash. Depending on your understanding of the title, its competitions, and betting at all, you can choose more simple or complex bets and wager on numerous events. Let’s check out the most popular options provided on our site.

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To gain profit by making such a bet, you need to predict who will become a winner of the upcoming event. In other words, a bettor has to predict the result of the match. Despite it may seem quite easy, it requires a lot of knowledge, research, and luck of a bettor. On our service, you may find odds which may help you to identify who has an advantage in the competition.

Match-Winners Bets

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Match Duration Over/Under

One of the most popular variations of INDIBET Dota 2 betting. The bookie provides a particular duration of the event. When wagering, you need to predict if the match will exceed this period or not. It may be quite hard to predict as there were a lot of cases of both too long and very short games. Nevertheless, usually bookies don’t put an integer number, so you may bet only on a lower or under than the provided value. Such a system is used in numerous other types of betting. However, this one features Dota 2 the best due to its special features.

Dota 2 Match Duration

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Player vs. Player Kills

Another popular type of betting. A bettor needs to predict how many kills a certain player will make during the match.

Player vs. Player Kills Bets

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First Blood

Making this Dota 2 bet, you need to predict which team will make the first kill. Moreover, you may try to guess which player or hero will make it.

Dota 2 First Blood Bets

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Live Dota 2 Betting at INDIBET

Our service provides a unique opportunity to all the fans of esports betting. You can make a Dota 2 bet prediction after the beginning of the match. It’s very exciting as betting live you can take into account some unpredictable points of the game. Consequently, it will be easier for you to make a successful bet and gain profit. Visiting our site, you will find the list of live events on the same pages where any other upcoming ones are located. The process of wagering is pretty similar as well. Nevertheless, we provide you with some unique features to wager more accurately. On the left of the webpage are located such functions for such a kind of bets as:

  • Live streaming. You can watch a match you are going to bet on right from our site. It’s very convenient and helps you to keep in mind all the details of the game.
  • Interactive tracker. All the information of highlights of the game is shown as text. It updates in real-time which helps you to concentrate on making a bet and receive only important details.
  • Scoreboard. It shows the points of each team and the number of kills by each player. The board updates during the game as well.

Dota 2 Live Betting

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Dota2 Betting Odds and Lines

If you would like to try Dota 2 betting on real money, odds are highly important to you. Fortunately, the odds offered by our service are compiled by professional analysts. They take into account all the important details of matches including previous performances of players and teams, the list of heroes, gaming style, and lots of others. Furthermore, you can choose the format of odds you prefer the most. The list of available variations includes:

  • Decimal. Such a version is probably the most widespread one. It shows an amount you may win by making an Rs. 1 bet. In this way, you need to multiply such a value by your stake to receive your possible profit. For instance, betting a rupee on the 2 odds, you will have 2 rupees in case of success.
  • Malay. The odds provide two values, a negative and a positive one. Making a bet on a negative one, you need to purge this value from your stake to calculate your profit. The positive amount works vice versa. For example, betting 1000 rupees on -0.8 you will win 200 rupees. Wagering 1000 rupees on +0.4, you will receive 400 rupees in case of success.
  • Hong Kong. These odds are quite similar to previous ones, but work inverted. Also, it’s quite easy to convert such a format to decimal. All you need to add 1 to the provided odds.
  • American. Such a type offers negative and positive values as well. A negative value shows your possible winning of betting 100 rupees, and a positive one shows the profit of wagering 150 rupees. For instance, if you are wagering 1500 rupees on -1500, you will 100 rupees. Betting on +1500 means that you need to bet 100 rupees to get 1500 rupees.

Dota 2 Betting Odds & Lines

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Dota 2 Online Betting Tips

Dota 2 Online Betting Tips

INDIBET is one of the greatest Dota 2 betting sites as it provides various betting options and accurate odds. Nevertheless, it may not be enough to gain success as each game features numerous unpredictable details. Some of such features may dramatically change the direction of the match. However, we are happy to help you and give an answer to the question “How to win and make a proper Dota 2 betting prediction”. You need to follow the next steps:

  • Set a certain sum you are ready to spend and bet on. Be careful as betting must be an exciting pastime and not the main source of income. Remember that you need to stop and can’t exceed the bankroll even if you have a winning series.
  • Learn the peculiarities of the title. Dota 2 is a complex game with numerous features. Such tiny details may have a considerable impact on the outcomes of any match. In this way, you need to know different tactics, the skills of characters, and so forth. Try to play the game and gain some experience. It will significantly facilitate making a correct prediction for you.
  • Try to make some special bets. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to calculate the winner of the match. However, it’s more than possible to suggest who will make the First Blood according to the chosen characters. There are many special betting options, so draw attention to them.
  • Bet on the highest odds. Like any other type of betting, the highest odds mean that one of the parties has more advantage in the event. In this way, it’s more possible that such a team will become a leader in the match.
  • Prepare for the upcoming event you are going to bet on. Check out all the participants, how they play, their latest and old performances, favorite heroes, and so forth. Sometimes it may tell you more than any odds. Furthermore, summarizing your research with provided odds will help you to predict the outcomes of the match.
  • Follow the latest updates of the game. All the players, as well as their teams, improve their skills, try new tactics, and search for new approaches for victory. In this way, you should consider all the novelties immediately.
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Live Betting Strategies for Dota 2

Making Dota 2 bet predictions is slightly different compared with average pre-game wagering. You still need to check out different odds, research information about players, and other preparations. Nevertheless, there are some important things you need to consider making a bet after the beginning of the match. Such a type of betting provides you a unique possibility to take into account the mood of players, the direction of the match, their strategy, and other important moments. In this way, follow the next points:

  • Pay attention to every action. It may be pretty hard as there are many participants in the match playing various characters, but this point may provide you the most significant help. Try to consider any move, any purchased item, and so forth. Start to think about how they will act further according to what you noticed.
  • Make a bet properly. Each Dota 2 game may be divided into different parts including the start, middle, and late game. In this way, you need to have time to place a certain type of bet. Pre-match preparation will help you the most.
  • Remember that the first killed hero will lose all their gold. It will harm the whole performance of the team as their economy is damaged.

Dota 2 Betting Strategies

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Can I Make Bets On Dota2 via My Mobile?

Sure! INDIBET provides an application available for the bulk of modern mobile devices. You can download it from the official webpage of our service.

Is Betting On Esports Different from Betting On Other Sports?

Wagering on esports is quite similar to making bets on traditional sports. Nevertheless, due to some special features of esport titles, you can make many unique bets which are unavailable to any other kind of sport.

What Are the Greatest Dota 2 Events to Bet On INDIBET?

There are numerous tournaments including many partipicants, teams, and gigantic awards. They cover a large audience and become bigger each year. Among them are The International, EPIC League, Major, and so forth.

What Are the Most Common Mistakes People Make When Betting on Dota 2?

To gain profit wagering on such a title, you need to draw into attention a lot of important points such as the special features of the game itself, gaming styles of players, benefits, and disadvantages of chosen characters, and many others. Make a personal analysis before making a bet and check out the odds provided by us. Also, check out some Dota 2 betting tips available on the Web.

Is INDIBET Dota 2 Betting Online Safe?

It’s 100% safe as the fairness of our service is confirmed by the Curaçao gaming authority. We use the advanced protection system encrypting all the personal data of customers and their transactions.