INDIBET Online Football Betting

INDIBET is a platform for online football betting in India. While most of the bookmakers are centered on cricket, INDIBET provides a space for all sports betting including football, cricket, tennis, hockey, and even Esports along with other casino games. Considering the fact that football betting is one of the biggest slices of the cake at the international level, INDIBET is one of the very few trustworthy platforms where Indian gamblers can make their bets and make some rupees. INDIBET offers you a broad spectrum of wagering options. Stick along the article to find out more about INDIBET and online football betting marketing in India and its bets.

Indibet Football Betting

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How to Bet on Football

Betting at INDIBET is as easy as transferring your money via Google Pay. Follow this article to know how to bet on football in INDIBET. If you are an amateur in this sport and just started watching it but don’t know much about the rules and regulations of the football match, here are the guidelines for you.

  1. Head to the official INDIBET website.
  2. Register your free account on INDIBET and make your initial deposit. Enter your basic info in the signup option, such as the username you want, your email address, your phone number, and also a strong password. Don’t forget to verify your phone number as well as your email address as the site wants to keep away from spammers and provide a pleasant atmosphere for the true gamblers.
  3. After creating your account, get to the deposit page and make your first deposit, you can use your credit card or online banking for this.INDIBET also provides no deposit bonus so if you are a new player check this section as well.
  4. Choose the adequate category you want to bet on and select the necessary options.
  5. Pick the event and specify your bet type, as well as the wager amount. All you need to do next is to bet the amount you desire and wait for the results.

How to bet on Football

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Biggest & Best Football tournament To Bet On

Best Football Tournaments to Bet on

INDIBET covers almost all the leagues around the world for football betting in India, including the major ones mentioned below. So you can choose from a wide range of selections and odds.

  • English Premier League. EPL is the top football league in England where the twenty teams representing various cities compete to reach the top of the table to be crowned as the champions. Top four teams from the table qualify for the UEFA Champions League. MU Manchester United tops the league with twenty trophies so far followed by LFC Liverpool FC.
  • La Liga. La Liga is the top football tournament in Spain’s football ecosystem. A lot of legendary players such as Messi and Ronaldo built their careers through it. It’s a competition of in-league rounds of twenty teams and the top four teams go for the UEFA Champions League. Real Madrid tops the tournament with 34 tournament titles so far. While Lionel Messi is the all time top scorer with 474 goals.
  • Serie A. Ronaldo’s current league, Serie A, is an Italian league established in 1898. Serie A also provides the top 4 table topper squads from a total of twenty teams to participate in Europe’s best tournament – the UEFA champions league.
  • Bundesliga. The likes of Lewndosky and Reus play in this German top football league. Unlike other famous leagues, Bundesliga comprises only eighteen teams of which the top 4 table topper qualifies to UEFA Champions League. The current champions Bayern Munich tops the title race of all time with a total of 30 trophies on their shelf.
  • Ligue 1. The league is all in the newspapers now due to Messi’s transfer. Ligue 1 is the top football league in France decorated by famous players such as Messi and Neymar. The league also has 20 teams and 38 match days but only top two teams from here go for the UEFA champions league.
  • UEFA – Europa League. It is like a secondary tournament to the UEFA Champions League where the best teams fail to compete for the UEFA Champions League. A total of 58 teams participate here. Even though it is just second to UEFA Champions League, the competition here is pretty high. The Spanish club Sevilla tops the champions titles with a total of 6 trophies.
  • USA – Major League Soccer. MLS is a newcomer to football leagues which was founded in 1993 comprising 27 teams. The MLS plays a major role in building a footballing culture in the USA and Canada. The most decorated player is Zlatan Ibrahimovic who once played for LA Galaxy of MLS.
  • ISL. The top football league in India comprising 11 teams was established in 2013. The teams play a league match and the 4 table-toppers play knockout matches for the crown. The group stages winner will be automatically qualified for the AFC Asian Football tournament where they compete with top clubs from Asia.

Apart from ISL betting and other options, during international friendly matches and tournaments like Fifa World Cup, Euro cup and Copa America INDIBET offers an option to bet on them too.

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Types of Football Bets

Football Bet Types

Online football betting is a vast ocean with a lot of options to bet on. Below are a few of the common and famous options available.

  • 3-way Moneyline betting/Full-time result. The most common betting is the 3-way Moneyline betting. It is a full-time result betting where you wager for the result of the squads from the win, lose or draw after 90 minutes. You can wager before the kickoff, and the results will be announced after full time, that is 90 minutes of play. You win the bet if the results are as you predicted. According to the odds, the bettor will receive multiple of the amount they wagered on.
  • Total outcome. The next popular betting is Total outcome generally known as Under/cover. In this format, the bettor wagers on the total goals after the full time.
  • Correct score. Similar to the total goal, you can also bet on the correct score, where you will bet the goals one squad is going to score. For example, you bet on ATK vs KBFC with the result 2-1. If the result is any other score, you lose, but if the result is the same you predict, that is 2-1, you win.
  • First goalscorer. You can bet on who will score the first goal. If the player you pick scores the first goal, then you will be paid out. This option is preferred by punters when super strikers are in supreme form. Example: Banglore FC vs Kerala FC Chettri score – if Chettri scores the first goal, you win; if anyone else scores, you lose.
  • Last goal Scorer. Here you bet on who is going to score the last goal of the match. Let’s take Chennai FC vs Goa FC CK Vineeth for example. If CK Vineeth scores the last goal, you win.
  • Any time goal scorer. Similar to first-time goal scorers, the bettor will choose the player, and if they score at any time of the match, the bettor is paid out.
  • Over or under Corners. This is similar to goal betting but here instead of betting on the goals the bettor bets on a number of corners conceived by a team.
  • Over Or Under Cards. Like with the football bet mentioned earlier, here the wager bets on the number of cards received by a team, be it a red card or yellow card.
  • Double result. It is also known as a Half-time/Full-time bet where you bet on the result of half-time also the result of full-time.

Also, INDIBET offers various special betting platforms.

There are tons of other betting options on our website, so feel free to check, try some and find the one which is made for you today.

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Best Football Betting Odds at INDIBET

Best Football Odds

INDIBET provides the best football betting odds in India. All the odds are made carefully by bookmakers like us by constantly observing the latitude of the and the possible outcome that is winning, lose, or draw. But in live football betting, the odds may vary accordingly, as the game progresses, so watch out for the odds section if you are betting on live football.

INDIBET provides the best high odds for the most probable winning squads so that you can earn more safe rupees. If you are in the market for high odds INDIBET is your pick. Feel free to check and compare our odds with other football betting sites:

Here is an sample of how the odds look on our site.

Event HDP Home Away Goal over under FH HDP Home Away FH.G Home Away
Swansea City vs Stoke City 0.0 2.28 1.6 2.5 2.3 1.643 0-0.5 3.080 1.4 1.0 2.37 1.632
0-.5 1.62 2.06 2-2.5 2.06 1.84 0.02.14 1.78 0.5-1 1.80 2.11 2.14
0.5 1.84 2.4 2.0 1.7 2.16 0-0.5 1.5 2.57 .5 1.52 2.56
Reeding vs Bristok 0-0.5 2.26 1.7 2.5 2.23 1.7 0.5 3.02 1.42 1.0 2.22 1.71
0-0.5 1.9 2-2.5 1.96 1.92 0-0.5 2.35 1.66 0.5-1 1.7 2.22 2.5
0.5 1.59 2.48 2.0 1.67 2.3 0.0 1.62 2.35 0.5 1.57 2.70
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Live Football Betting

This is an exclusive dynamic category where we allow our bettors to wager on the match even after it started. The usual betting closes before the Kickoff. But INDIBET provides a dynamic way for gamblers to bet on the match after it has started. Yes, you can bet accordingly to the flow of the game, but the odds will be changing.


Live Football Betting

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Football Betting Tips

No one can assure you a 100% guarantee on any bet, but then there are a few ways to get into a winning streak. These are some handy football betting tips.

  • Firstly, watch the news. At INDIBET, we provide some solid news on the footballing world about current affairs and past history. So check out that info so that you will get some idea of who is going to win the match or the possible score sheet.
  • The next thing you can do is check past history between the teams. These days, it is relatively easy to find this data. Also, take into consideration that the home squads always have an advantage.
  • You can also go through the report of the team’s current form and morality, as this might give you a good idea of the result too.
  • The golden tip in betting is that instead of wagering on a single match, bet on multiple matches with different odds so that even if you lose one, you will earn in the next.
  • When betting live, watch out for the moment when the odds are high for the squads and bet on the winning team. Sure there might be some last minutes miracles to the match which might upset the results, but most often, the flow of the match determines the results so that you can put on high bets to earn more money.

Don’t let yourself be confined just to football wagering because we offer to bet on many other sports such as tennis, kabaddi, etc. Apart from sports betting we also offer other betting options. What’s more enchanting is that we offer to trade in cryptocurrency and UPI that whatever your means of transaction we got you covered. There is good news – INDIBET has launched a football betting app so that users can easily start betting. (the app also has a high rating). You can also check the live casino section and teenpatti to earn more money.


Football Betting Tips

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How can I add money to my INDIBET account for football betting?

You can add money to your INDIBET wallet for betting through any of the online banking methods, like Paytm, Neteller, Skrill, and more. You can also use the INDIBET football betting app. Deposit money through various UPI’s such as Phonepay, Google pay, or any of this sort or you can also do online money transfer from your application to the bank.

Is online betting on football in India legal, will I be charged legally for doing so?

Online betting is perfectly legal in India except for the states such as Nagaland and Sikkim as their state government has banned online betting. So if you live in any other city other than the ones mentioned earlier online betting is perfectly legal and totally safe.

Can I bet on our nation’s football league ISL (Indian Super League)?

Yes, surely you can bet on this year’s 2021 season of ISL on your favorite squads as we are one of the very few online football betting sites that provide this opportunity. But keep in mind that you are not living in Sikkim or Nagaland.

Is INDIBET worth my time and money? Can I earn money here?

Yes, you can, but the outcomes solely depend on what you bet on. If you are constantly betting on the losing side without researching, then we can’t help you in any way. But if you are a person who is ready to do your homework and has a brave heart to bid, then you can earn a lot of money from INDIBET.