INDIBET Basketball Betting Tips and Advice

INDIBET is a young and prosperous bookmaker and online casino site. Throughout these years, we have been getting more and more popular since Indibet has everything that any punter or online gambler demands in 2021. Our sportsbook includes many sports events like soccer, cricket, tennis, esports events, and many more. But this review is dedicated to basketball, and how to become more successful in betting on this type of sport. Keep on reading to find out the basketball betting tips and the most useful advice.

Basketball Betting

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How to Bet on Basketball and Win

How to bet on Basketball

Basketball, unlike football and hockey, is suitable for more risky players, especially those who like to bet live. Safe to say that basketball is a sport of comebacks since the situations where a team losing 15-20 points can easily turn everything around and close out a game. In the same breath, pre-match bets would be more reasonable for those who watch basketball matches regularly and have a lot of experience. Before we reveal some basketball betting tips and strategies to help you win, let us outline the obvious benefits you may take advantage of:

  • A large number of equally probable events;
  • High limits for the NBA league. Since the NBA is the most popular and undoubtedly the most attractive one for bettors, it should be noted that it also has pretty high betting limits;
  • Low margin on major leagues. Compared to some other sports, INDIBET has one of the most favorable margins for basketball events out there;
  • High frequency of matches. The fact that most basketball teams play from two to four matches a week makes this sport the most attractive for statistics lovers. Statistical analysis of NBA matches turns out to be quite solid and allows for fairly accurate predictions. Moreover, big basketball leagues like the NBA remain the only ones holding matches even on holidays. Besides, frequent matches allow bettors to analyze a team’s performance more accurately, which will result in a bigger number of bets won.

At the same time there are a few downsides of basketball betting that are also worth noting:

  • Lower limits for European and other basketball leagues. Despite the undisputed popularity of the NBA, there are still quite many people watching European and other leagues matches, yet the popularity level of the two among bettors is incomparable.
  • Difficult to predict the outcome. No matter what type of bet you are willing to make, the speed and dynamics of the basketball match make it much harder to predict the final result.
  • Knowing the upsides and possible pitfalls of basketball betting is crucial in understanding and realizing your future betting strategy. Now, as you already know some of them, it is time to delve deeper and see the betting opportunities at INDIBET.
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Most Popular Basketball Leagues You Can Bet On

There are a huge number of basketball leagues, cups, and other competitions in the world today. And most of them have both sections for men and women, and such diversity makes INDIBET basketball betting even more interesting. All the significant basketball events can generally be divided into three big groups:

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International basketball tournaments among countries

The international basketball organization FIBA has been the most influential in the history of the sport. Most of the competitions, including prestigious ones that attract thousands of bettors, are held under its auspices. In particular, these are continental championships in Africa, Asia, Oceania, North and South America, as well as the highly anticipated European one. Of course, the two most significant international events are the World Championship and the Olympic games that, although, are held every four years, are the favorite events for bettors. It is always exciting to watch when there is a country strong enough to beat the USA team, which has won 14 out of 17 gold medals.


International Basketball Tournaments

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Club tournaments

In addition to international tournaments among countries, FIBA holds annual club competitions in accordance with the territorial division mentioned. For instance, there is the American league on the Northern continent; Sudamericana League for South American clubs; FIBA Asian Cup, as well as Africa Basketball League. In Australia, the most significant championship is the Australian National Basketball League, which consists of 7 teams from different cities in Australia and 1 from New Zealand. The biggest number of different leagues and various teams are concentrated in Europe; FIBA Europe Cup, VTB United League, Adriatic Basketball League, and many more. All of the teams in these leagues must qualify from their countries’ leagues, which allows for even more thrilling events to bet on and follow.

Club Tournaments

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The National Basketball Association

Finally, let’s talk about the homeland of basketball – the United States. The association includes dozens of basketball leagues starting from college, regional, and semi-professional to professional and short seasonal. For decades now, clubs from different cities in the United States and Canada have been fighting for the most coveted title, the NBA championship ring. Today there are 30 teams, which are divided geographically into 2 conferences (East and West), as well as divisions. Each season (from October to April) consists of 82 matches. The winners of each conference are meeting up in the NBA grand finale of the strongest basketball league, which is why the eyes of millions are on this very match.

Now you have a clear picture of how many basketball events are being held on a regular basis, therefore the number of betting options given by INDIBET. With that said, let’s break down the type of bets you can make in basketball events.

NBA Betting

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Types of Basketball Bets You Can Place

Overall, the existing types of basketball bets are not so different from, say, soccer, hockey, or other sports. So if you have experience placing bets on some sports events, you will likely understand the ones available for basketball right away. Nonetheless, here are the most popular types of basketball bets that you can find over INDIBET:

  • A whole match outcome. This is the most conventional and popular type of bet. To put it simply, you only need to guess which team is going to win a match.
  • Quarter bets. Any basketball match is divided into quarters, so you can place bets on each of them. The next three types are regarded as spreads.
  • Handicap. Picking this kind of bet, the bettor tries to predict the difference in the result between the teams.
  • Over or under bets. This type of bet allows players to bet on whether a team or both teams are going to score more or less a certain number of points. For example, if you see 170,5 points for over/under bets, it means you can either choose to bet on under (in this case you are expecting a final overall number of points to be 170 or less), or over (you are expecting a final overall number of points to be 170 or more).
  • Even/odd bets. If you are a fan of roulette or are into coin toss kind of bets, this will be perfectly suitable for you.

Types of Basketball Bets

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Live Basketball Betting at INDIBET

INDIBET offers a wide line for live betting, as well as the ability to watch the match in the live format right from the browser or app. Besides, live basketball betting is full of exotic types of bets, such as how the match is going to end (two/three-pointer), the number of faults of a particular player, the time spent on the field, etc.

For successful live basketball betting, you need to know all of its rules, be able to analyze statistics, and watch broadcasts of meetings regularly. Since those types of bets require a whole bag of knowledge, the ability to rapidly react to changes in a match in order to make the right decision is a must. You will also need to monitor any changes of odds to catch good ones and therefore win more. Due to the fact that basketball is a dynamic game, there will be almost no time to process the information, which is why it’s predominantly recommended for experienced bettors.


Live Basketball Betting

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Understand Basketball Betting Odds and Lines

Before you decide to place any bet on a basketball event, get familiar with the odds and lines presented. Make sure you are aware of the bet you are going to make, otherwise you may end up losing your money. Since we have already touched upon the possible lines at INDIBET, the odds for those lines are equally important. The bigger the odds are, the more your winnings will be. At the same time, do not forget that this also comes with bigger risks, so keep that in mind.

Basketball Odds and Lines

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Basketball Betting Tips and Advice

Basketball Betting Tips

It is finally about time to share some tips and advice you can use to increase your winning chances, and decrease risks, respectively. Follow these simple basketball betting tips and rules to see the instant improvements in your betting routine:

  1. Try to analyze as many factors as possible. For example, you should always check the current shape of the team you are going to bet for, as well as the history of their head-to-head meetings. Pay attention to where the team is placed in the tournament, and whether there are disqualified or injured players.
  2. Use various basketball betting options in the live format. Once you are confident about your betting skills, take advantage of those exotic bets you can do. Many of them are blind luck, but you can still find something worth betting on.
  3. Use strategies. You can either look up existing strategies from the Internet, or come up with your own and stick to it. Try multiple ways of betting and determine which ones are the most profitable.
  4. Distribute your money wisely. Do not forget that placing a bet on basketball events comes with the risks of losing your own money. We highly recommend you to understand what amount of money you won’t be upset to lose. If you feel like having a problem with betting or gambling, get some professional help by going to the “Responsible Gambling” section on our website.
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Can I bet on basketball events in India legally?

Yes, betting and gambling are totally legal in India, so you can bet on basketball events from there at any time.

Are there basketball live bets at INDIBET?

Live bets, as well as pre-match bets on basketball, are available at INDIBET.

Can I bet on basketball for real money?

Yes, you can. To do that, you would have to deposit money into your account first. If you don’t yet have an account at INDIBET, sign up right now and get a bonus!

Are college basketball leagues available for betting at INDIBET?

Yes, INDIBET covers many basketball events, including college leagues.