INDIBET Ice Hockey Betting Guide

Hockey is the second most popular sport in the world in 2021. Indian bettors also never miss a chance to bet on such sports. With that in mind, we offer an extensive selection of hockey events you may bet on. Sign up with INDIBET to bet on the world-level hockey events and championships and win real money every time your prediction comes true. Learn everything you need to know about ice hockey betting from the guide below.

Ice Hockey Betting

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How to Bet Successfully on Hockey

To bet successfully on ice hockey events, you must know three key elements: statistics, time off, and home advantage. Together they are sure to make an unbeatable betting formula for your success.

  • Statistics is essential only if you gather it consistently and analyze all relevant details. You should definitely study the numbers to help you make better predictions and increase your chances of winning;
  • Time off is one thing most bettors neglect. However, ignoring it may result in incorrect game predictions. So, make sure to you follow the changes and account for how players’ rest may impact the overall outcome;
  • Home advantage should also impact your predictions. It goes without saying that the home team has a slight advantage over its rivals.

When you account for all those details and decide your wager, there are only a few simple steps left. To start your hockey betting adventure, you should:

  1. Log into your account using the existing password and login (or create an account if you are new to INDIBET);
  2. Explore the catalog of events and find the one you are interested in;
  3. Click on the game to learn about the odds and other relevant facts;
  4. Pick the wanted wager;
  5. Define how much you wish to bet;
  6. Submit the bet slip and verify the action.

The whole process might look confusing as you read about it, but when you go through with it, you’ll see that our website is totally user-friendly and intuitive. You are sure to like the simplicity of navigation.


How to bet on Ice hockey

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The Best Ice Hockey Leagues for Betting

If you wish to bet on the top hockey league, you should definitely learn more about the top leagues. When you explore INDIBET hockey betting markets, you are sure to discover top choices like:

  • National Hockey League (NHL);
  • Kontinental Hockey League (KHL);
  • Swedish Hockey League (SHL);
  • Hockey India League (HIL), etc.

There is no doubt that the NHL is at the top of the list because it’s the most well-known league in the hockey world. Millions of fans watch its games with bated breath. This league is the most thrilling and well-known hockey market for bettors, too. You may wager on the wanted events using our betting tools and add thrill to watching your favorite teams score goals.

In case you wish to bet on hockey events outside the NHL, you should add versatility by exploring other leagues and discovering more local events. There are plenty of options daily. Discover all upcoming ones in the Sportsbook and make correct guesses to win.


The Best Hockey Leagues for Betting

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Types of Hockey Bets

Hockey betting is exciting not only because of the game’s thrill but also because there are plenty of things one may bet on. When using our services, you are sure to explore plenty of markets you can wager on:

  • The money line is the simplest bet type because you put money on the game’s winner. It’s the most straightforward option and undoubtedly traditional bet type;
  • Over/under is the second popular option because here bettors guess whether the total number of goals will be bigger or smaller than set by the bookie. As a rule, there is a 5.0 – 6.0 range;
  • Puck line generally offers better deals than money line. It uses a set spread point with -1.5 on the favorite, and the +1.5 on the underdog;
  • The point spread is a type of exotic bet. One may place in addition to the standard one and wager on point spreads like 2.5 and 3.5.

Hockey betting options also cover unique betting markets like:

  • Regulation time offers -0.5 for the favorite and +0.5 for the underdog;
  • Parlay combines two or more bets. In order to win here, all selections must be correct;
  • Proposition or the so-called prop bet allows betting on various game aspects, including the goals scored by a specific player or the team that scores the last goal, etc.;
  • Grand Salami is a fun bet which adds up all the day’s over/under total bets. Bettors predict whether the combined score will be bigger or smaller than stated by the bookie;
  • The first period is a rather self-explanatory term. This bet covers only the game’s first 20 minutes and covers the money line or point spread.

Types of Hockey Bets

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Ice Hockey Odds & Lines

Learning everything about the hockey betting odds and lines is essential when choosing a bookmaker. When it comes to ice hockey, we offer good odds. You are sure to pick some top deals from our Sportsbook. Explore the latest information in the dedicated table since each game and championship have different odds to offer. When you click on the event you are interested in, you may come across:

  • Period betting provides gamblers with an opportunity to bet on the outcome of each period instead of the whole match;
  • The live betting tool allows wagering on the ongoing event. Keep in mind that the odds are going to fluctuate throughout the game. So, keep your hand on the pulse and bet reasonably to get the best results;
  • Alternative lives stand out from the rest by being inflated lines;
  • Exotic wagers imply betting on certain game aspects in combination with or aside from the regular betting options;
  • Parlay is a single bet which may be placed for the NHL events. This bet combines a few selections in one bet. It brings you money only if all selections win.

Ice Hockey Odds and Lines

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Live Hockey Betting at INDIBET

Ice hockey keeps all fans intrigued and invested every minute of the game. It’s always a thrilling event where everything can turn upside down within one second. This is primarily the reason why live betting on ice hockey is an exciting betting option that deserves your attention. We accept live bets on numerous hockey events. Explore the dedicated page to see which games are currently on and wager while watching your beloved team play. It doesn’t matter whether you watch the game on TV, in the stadium, or in a sports bar. You may submit your slip anytime and anywhere as long as you’ve got a stable Internet connection.

To start live betting with INDIBET, you’ll need to use your smartphone or desktop and stick to the steps below:

  • Navigate to the Live section;
  • Select the ongoing hockey event you are interested in;
  • Study the odds and betting options;
  • Choose the prediction you desire to wager on;
  • Define the sum you wish to bet;
  • Submit the slip.

The interface delivers everything you might require for betting and guides you through every step of the process. So, have no worries – we’ve got you covered! Submit your wager in a few seconds and win real money if it is correct.


Ice Hockey Betting at INDIBET

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Ice Hockey Betting Tips & Strategies

Ice Hockey Betting Tips

When it comes to betting on ice hockey, you may come across two major strategies: all-in and Kelly Criterion.

The peculiarity of the first one implies that a bettor risks the entire bankroll each time they place a bet. For instance, you make up your mind about the prediction and spend everything you’ve got on the account. If it comes true, the next bet must be bigger and include both sums of money. Although it’s a very risky option, it has a right to exist.

On the other hand, you may pick another system that meets your needs and expectations. For instance, Kelly Criterion. It could seem a bit confusing, but the strategy is very popular among ice hockey betting strategies. In brief, it implies that you wager only on games and outcomes you feel very confident about. Such an approach minimizes unreasonable bets as well as too high risks.

You may explore other alternatives or come up with your own strategy. Regardless of the choice, you should take into account some helpful tips:

  • Always check the lineups;
  • Analyze the statistics correctly;
  • Gather information (statistics included) only from reliable sources;
  • Account for all players’ injuries, substitutions, etc.
  • Compare the offered odds to pick the best deals;
  • Learn things at the pace convenient for you;
  • Take responsibility for your actions.

Regardless of whether you are new or have some experience with hockey betting, using these ice hockey betting tips is sure to enhance the quality of your betting online with our services.

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Is wagering on hockey in India legal?

We provide legal services to all Indian customers and secure fair chances to win money with hockey betting. INDIBET is licensed in Curacao and abides by the gambling laws to deliver the best gambling experience.

May I bet real money on hockey with INDIBET?

Every registered user may wager on all available ice hockey events. Discover the catalog of upcoming games (or the ongoing ones, if using Live Section), bet Indian rupees, and win real money if your prediction turns out to be correct.

How do I understand the minus and plus with the hockey odds?

When you explore the odds and see the minus, the sign indicates you are looking at the favorite. The plus sign indicated the underdog. Account for this when submitting your bets online.

Does INDIBET accept live bets on ice hockey?

You may bet on hockey games that have already begun by using the Live section. Navigate to the dedicated page to uncover if the event you are interested in is listed for live betting. Discover the real-time changes and compare the odds to pick the best deal and bet on the game you currently watch.

Does INDIBET accept parlay bets?

You may wager on parlay when betting on major hockey events like NHL. Discover this option in the list of bet types next to the game you are interested in.