INDIBET Table Tennis Betting

Our service provides the best opportunities for table tennis betting! Visiting the bookie, you will find a large selection of exciting and modern betting options for 2021. Numerous championships, local games, international matches, and many other table tennis events. Make in-play bets or wager after the beginning of the match. Furthermore, we offer accurate odds compiled by a team of professional analysts. Our site is perfect for all the clients from India. Check out this article and find out more information about our service and provided offers.

Table Tennis Betting

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How to Bet on Table Tennis

Our bookmaker is provided with a greatly developed site and a convenient interface. Hence, making bets is simple even if you haven’t done it before. All you need is to follow the following points:

  • Create and verify a profile on the service. The registration is pretty simple as well and it takes a few moments.
  • Move to the list of available sport types and find table tennis.
  • Select an event you want to wager on. The list includes both upcoming and live matches.
  • Check out the provided odds.
  • Choose a bet type and fill in the sum you want to bet on.
  • Confirm the action.

When the match is over, you may check out the results and receive an award if your prediction was correct. The service offers you numerous betting options. Depending on your knowledge of table tennis rules, players, and experience you may try to make some complex bets.


How to Bet on Table Tennis

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Table Tennis Major Tournaments

There are many table tennis competitions around the globe and the bulk of them are available for wagering. Such championships are very popular. They include numerous matches and millions of fans. Let’s take a look at the most prominent of them:

  • 2020 Summer Olympics. The most famous international championship for men and women.
  • World Table Tennis Championship. The competition includes matches of different types and five prizes.
  • Men and Women’s World Cups. The best participants from all the continents compete for the win.
  • ITTF World Tour Grand Finals. The championship consists of 7 events and provides a gigantic prize of 1 million dollars!
  • And many others.

In this way, you can find a game to bet at any time as they hold regularly. Bet on a single event or wager on several matches simultaneously. Moreover, our service provides a lot of local matches besides large international ones.


Table Tennis Major Tournaments

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Types of Bets On Table Tennis

Types of Bets on table tennis

Our service provides you various approaches to making a table tennis bet. The amount of your possible profit depends on the chosen type of bet and how risky it is. Hence, more experienced bettors have an opportunity to make more complicated wagers when newbies can try more simple ones. Among the provided betting types are:

  • Moneyline. A client makes a bet on a player who will win a game. According to the values provided by the service, the prize amount of both sizes varies.
  • Total. The service provides a certain amount of points and you need to predict if it would be exceeded or not. As a rule, 70 points is such a value for table tennis.
  • Parlay. Such a type of betting includes not a single event, but several games. In this way, your potential winning is calculated and even increased in the case of your success. Nevertheless, if any of the predictions were incorrect, you lose.
  • Unique. The bookie provides wagers which can be made only on table tennis. There are a lot of them including the number of matches, winner of the first game, and so forth.
  • Handicap. Such odds are available for events in which one of the parties is much more beneficial than another one. In this way, a handicap provides some advantages for the weaker side. For example, if there are two table tennis players and one of them is much more skilled than their competitor, they may have -30 scores at the beginning of the match. Hence, if you are betting on the better player, they need to exceed the weaker one and gain 30 points more.
  • Total Match Points. Our bookie provides the total sum of points during a particular competition.
  • Odd and even. Another type of odds provided by the service shows a possible number of wins during the match. Clients can make a bet if this number is odd or even. Such a type is an excellent choice for inexperienced bettors.
  • Winner of the match. The platform shows a possible winner of the game who has more advantage.

In this way, there is a large pick of provided betting options. It’s excellent as you can try something new or test some winning strategies using different types of bets.

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Live Table Tennis Betting at INDIBET

We are happy to provide you a unique possibility to make bets after the beginning of sports events! Wager on your favorite player live. It’s great as you can consider some unpredictable points and make more accurate predictions. Furthermore, we offer you constantly updated odds for live events. The odds change during the game that may help you to make a proper prediction. While making a bet, you can find a special section on the left of the webpage which includes:

  • Live streaming. You can watch the game remaining on our site. It’s very convenient and helpful as well.
  • Interactive tracker. It provides the main information of the match in a text variant. It helps you to consider all the important points most quickly and efficiently.
  • Scoreboard. The table shows the scores of players.

In this way, making live bets is quite interesting, comfortable, and thrilling! You have a great opportunity that may help you to gain success and win.


Live Table Tennis Betting

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Table Betting Odds & Lines

Making a bet on table tennis you may check out the odds provided by our analysts. We provide only accurate odds that may help you to win. However, they depend on the types of betting you are going to try. Furthermore, you can find some live odds on our service if you are making bets after the beginning of the match. Their ratio updates during the game as well helping you to make a better prediction.

Our odds are the best on the modern market, so it’s highly recommended to take them into account while making bets. Although they may seem quite hard to understand, you need to know how to use and calculate them to make a better prediction. Also, you can choose different formats of odds including:

  • Fractional. They show two figures divided by a slash. The first one is the amount of profit and the second one is the sum of your stake. Hence, you may check out how many funds you may receive for making a bet.
  • Decimal. It shows a value that can be multiplied on the sum of the stake to calculate the amount of winning in case of success.
  • American. Such a type shows which player has a bigger advantage. Also, it provides a value you need to wager to receive a prize of $100.

In this way, you may choose the most suitable format of odds for you to make bets. Moreover, the interface of the site may be customized by you in many ways, so don’t forget to check out all the provided options to make it maximumly convenient for you to use.

Table Tennis Odds & Lines

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Tennis Predictions & Betting Tips

Betting on table tennis you have an opportunity to win a money prize. Nevertheless, you can increase this probability by considering some important points. We are happy to share with you the most efficient tips that will help you to gain success:

  • Prepare for each event you are going to bet on. Check out all the information about players, their latest and previous performance, have they played together before, their skills, significant features of gaming style, and so forth. It will make your predictions considerably closer to success. Besides, you need to know the features of table tennis overall and have a good understanding of its rules.
  • Understand the chosen betting type. As it was mentioned previously, the types of bets may vary a lot and they are all provided with different appropriate odds. In this way, you should understand all the features of the market you choose. It will help you to use odds and your analyses more efficiently and gain success.
  • Check out other bookies. We guarantee you the most accurate odds. Nevertheless, it may be useful to check predictions of other platforms as they may be pretty different. Comparing several sources, it may be easier to create your own opinion and make a successful wager.

Considering these points, you may combine provided odds and your analysis to make a better prediction and gain profit.

Table Tennis Betting Tips

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Total and Handicap Strategy

INDIBET table tennis betting offers handicap and total types of bets. Both of these options provide particular values to a client. In this way, there are some points you need to take into account to gain success making such bets:

  • Make live bets. The probability of correct predictions is much bigger compared with pre-match betting. You can draw attention to the mood of players, their performance, and other unpredictable features of the game.
  • Wait till the second half of the game. As a rule, the majority of main actions are made during the second half, so you have a chance to gain success or bring back your funds and not lose them.
  • Make personal research. Remember, that both total and handicap odds will give an advantage for one of the parties. Nevertheless, you need to know the reasons why this player is considered more professional and if these odds are accurate. Nevertheless, using our service you may feel safe as we offer only accurate odds.

Total and Handicap Strategy

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How do the provided INDIBET odds work?

Such odds show the most possible probabilities of winners, scores, and other values of a match or tournament. They are compiled by professional analysts based on the previous performances of players and their latest games.

How to calculate table tennis betting odds at INDIBET?

There are various types of odds requiring different approaches for calculating. Nevertheless, you can find an online odds calculator and quickly receive results.

How to predict table tennis results?

You have to research the odds of the match and make a personal analysis based on the previous performances of players, their skills, the latest games, and so forth. Summarizing all the details, you may make a successful prediction.