IPL Betting Online With Bonus Up To 10000 INR

Most of the IPL betting on cricket is done in live mode. This option is also available on INDIBET, the official IPL betting site for cricket. Users can not worry about the safety of money transfers. The cash can be received to the account within a minute. Discover all the essentials of IPL wagering on INDIBET.

IPL Betting on Indibet

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How to Bet on IPL in India

Today, IPL is the biggest cricket league both in India and all over the world. So follow these simple guidelines to begin wagering:

  • Go to the official website or IPL betting app of INDIBET;
  • Click on the “Registration” button;
  • Fill in the form (name, phone number, e-mail, password);
  • Agree with the rules of betting;
  • Press the “Next” button;
  • You will receive an SMS code on your phone number which you should enter to complete your registration.
  • Now go to your personal cabinet, fill in the personal profile and go through the verification of documents.
  • Pick an event. The line presents a large number of sports events. It is also possible to select the events in Live mode. Bets are accepted with two clicks: first, you select a betting option, then confirm it in the window that opens.
  • When selecting the Live betting category, the number of live events at the moment is visible, as well as the online tracker. The history of bets on IPL is in the Personal Cabinet open for viewing for a certain period of time.

How to bet on IPL In India

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Сricket Bonuses at INDIBET

INDIBET pleases bettors with cool bonuses! You may familiarize yourself with them below.

  • 200% Big Bonus. Make your first deposit at the bookmaker’s office and get 200% of its amount! INDIBET will boost your cash-in up to ₹10,000!
  • Cricket Sign up Bonus. Set up an account on the bookmaker’s website and get a 50 free betting bonus in our CRICKETBOOK.
  • The HUNDRED Free Bet. Place at least five 100 wagers on a single Hundred match. Get a free IPL bet worth ₹100 will be yours.

Indibet Cricket Bonus

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IPL Best Teams and Squads

In case you are only taking the first steps as a bettor and didn’t have a chance to get acquainted with the most prominent squads in IPL, you can do it below:

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Chennai Super Kings

The return of Raina, the additions of off-spin all-rounders Gautam and Moin Ali, and the discovery of Ruturaj’s talent towards the end of IPL 2020 have made this team one of the best in the IPL. But, Dhoni’s effectiveness as a finisher has declined from last season, and on top of that, CSK lacks a good death bowler. Shardul is one of them, but he is too expensive.

Chennai Super Kings

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Delhi Capitals

Iyer’s injury was a major blow to the team. He is a good batsman as well as a captain. Other than that, the team is fine – good lineup, all-rounders, spinners, pacers, except for the captain. Pant is making his debut as a captain. He’s in good shape, so he’s confident. He is likely to lead the team with confidence.

Delhi Capitals

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Kolkata Knight Riders

Shubman is playing a little slow. They may try to get Naren back into the top order. The middle-order is solid, but Russell needs to improve his preparation. Inexperienced tempo attack, hard to maintain foreign balance-Shakib, Narine, Cummins, Russell, Ferguson, Morgan. There are quite a few options.

Kolkata Knight Riders

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Mumbai Indians

Is there any point in discussing this team? Top-notch players, quality all-rounders, and a rousing bowling attack. The spinner is the only place where they fall behind to some degree. Rahul Chahar is inconsistent. But it’s still the best team to date.

Mumbai Indians

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Punjab Kings

The explosive lineup with KL, Mayank, Malan, Pooran, Gayle, etc. But, the spinners lack experience (although they performed well last time). The overseas balance is Malan, Gayle, Pooran, Jay Richardson, Jordan. Lots of options here again.

Punjab Kings

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Rajasthan Royals

This time, Samson makes his debut as captain. The good lineup with Buttler, Samson, Stokes, and finishers Morris and Dube. Morris and Stokes can bowl. Tevetia is an X-factor, and Gopal is a strong spinner. Archer’s injury is a major blow that has weakened the team. Still holding up a level if Morris gets support from other Packers.

Rajastan Royals

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Royal Challengers Bangalore

Kohli will open the game, so we expect a good start along with Padikkal. Maxwell needs to prove himself. If he doesn’t, ABD will be under pressure again. Dan, Christian, and Jamison are good bowling players. The Indian trio of Siraj-Sidney-Chahal will be key.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

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Sunrisers Hyderabad

One of the best bowling lineups with Holder, Bhuvi, Sandi, Nattu, and Rashid. They will play 9/14 matches on fields (5 in Chepauk, 4 in Delhi), so Rashid will have fun. The batting line-up is pretty good with Warner and Williamson. There are all-rounders like Abdul Samad and Kedar Jadhav. The overseas balance is the biggest headache: Roy, Bairstow, Rasheed, Nabi, Holder, Warner, Williamson.

Sunrisers Hyderabad

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Types of IPL Bets

Let’s consider the top wager types INDIBET has:

  • Order – a single bet on the outcome of a single sporting event.
  • Express is a bet including several outcomes of different matches. Their specificity and the undoubted advantage multiply all odds included in the betting slip, which ultimately forms the final odds.
  • System – combinations of parlays of a given size of the selected outcomes. In contrast to expressions, here, the player has the right to make a mistake, which reduces the bet’s profit but leaves the bettor’s chances of success.
  • A chain is a set of singles for different matches, the order of which is indicated by the bettor himself. The ordinary is calculated one by one because the first event is not a loss and the sum on the chain account is greater than zero.

Indibet Types of Bet

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Best Odds on IPL Betting

Prior to providing wagering markets, INDIBET assesses the probability of event outcomes. This probability is included in the ILP betting odds that show how much you’ll gain from a wager. But also, this coefficient includes the commission, which bookies take for each wager.

That’s why different bookmakers’ odds for the same event may be different: they apply different commissions. This commission is called the margin. The smaller the bookmaker’s margin, the more profitable the player will be, the odds. Its size affects the player’s profit. INDIBET has the lowest margin, which is why the odds are so high.

Best Odds in IPL Betting

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Live IPL Betting and Streaming at INDIBET

INDIBET offers customers live IPL broadcasts, which you can watch on your computer or smartphone. Streaming on the portal and in the app allows you to follow the match online. Make bets in life on the events taking place.

Matches with broadcasts are placed in the live betting section. The presence of a video is indicated by a bright green “Play” icon in the event bar. In parallel to the streaming, INDIBET offers players an online infographic, which displays the main events of the match.

INDIBET offers users live streaming free. The prerequisite for watching is registration and identification. At the same time, you can watch the broadcast on your computer or gadget even with a zero deposit balance.

The adapted version of the portal has a cinema mode that supports the following functions: enlarging the video broadcast window. Rewinding the broadcast for 15 seconds. Activating subtitles, and zooming into the center of the screen (with reduced image quality).


IPL Live Streaming & Betting

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IPL Betting Tips & Picks

IPL Betting Tips

Many newcomers try to find expert advice on IPL betting tips from professionals. There is a lot of information on this topic on the Internet, but most often lists with recommendations are published.

A beginner bettor needs to explain everything, because he may not understand the basic concepts:

Starting capital

It is necessary to allocate exactly as much money as you are not afraid to lose. These should be free funds that you do not need. No matter how large the amount, bet no more than 5% of the bank.

You need to make sure you have enough money for at least 10 bets. Otherwise, you run the risk of quickly ending up with a zero balance. As an option, try to make money on the Internet from scratch and pour all the extra income into betting offices.

Competent analysis

You will have to delve into sports, study every match, statistics, and more. To make a competent IPL bet prediction, it is necessary to consider at least three main factors:

  • Weather affects the activities of players and the state of the field.
  • The importance of the event affects the game, because, for someone, the match may not be important, while for another team, it is the last chance to break through in the standings.
    • The form of the team determines its readiness for the game. There are injuries, how many matches have been played, and so on;
    • Statistics help you learn more about each team.
    • The game schedule also affects the game.
    • Emotional background can be disrupted due to a change in the coaching staff, players leaving the team, and other events.
  • The more different factors are considered in the analysis, the better the forecast will be. All of these situations have a different effect on the outcome of the match. It is necessary to learn how to determine their importance.

Bettors should have a plan for every situation. It is not a matter of strategy, but how to manage your capital. When and how much to bet, on which leagues and sports? What to do in case of a big loss? It is necessary to consider all possible outcomes and pick the right wager types:

  • When you know a few good outcomes but with low odds, then include them in the express.
  • If you know about 3-5 good outcomes with high odds but have doubts about each of them, choose the system.
  • In circumstances where you have a limited budget and want to bet on several matches at once, a chain will help you out.
Control of emotions

The problem for many beginners is the attempts to win back after big losses. And some of them start neglecting their funds if they win a lot. A cold calculation is required when profiting from wagering. Emotions make mistakes, take wins, and losses for granted. Wait some time after them to continue with a clear head.


Prior to wagering, you need to decide on what tactics you will use. For years, bettors have been trying to beat the bookmakers, but have not found a unique feature that would guarantee a win. However, sports betting strategies for beginners help increase the chances of winning:

  • Study as many strategies as you can. By collecting the main advantages of different tactics, you will be able to develop your methodology. Every professional has their own methodology.
  • Mathematical-designed for competent capital management, overlapping costs. A striking example is the Martingale, which makes subsequent bets with a multIplication of two times the amount. If you lose, bet twice as much. Sooner or later, you will win, and the previous losses will be repaid (if the coefficient is higher than 2).
  • Remember that there are no win-win strategies. If one of the professionals convinces you otherwise, it is not an expert. Risks will remain in any case. Sports are unpredictable. Even here, sometimes events happen that no one believes in.

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Is IPL betting legal in India?

The laws in India on this issue are not unambiguous. According to the law, gambling in any form is illegal. But, the government has not sanctioned IPL betting online at all. At least in none of the published acts is it possible to find an article about online IPL betting. INDIBET is happy to serve you if you are looking for a betting service without restrictions.

How to deposit money on an IPL at INDIBET?

Click “Deposit” in the lower right corner. Select a banking option and specify how much you’re cashing in. Click on “Pay”. Follow the steps on the bank/wallet pages and click “Pay”

Which IPL team is termed as the betting favorite to win IPL 2021?

The Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings-the clear favorites in the tournament.

Can I make money betting on the IPL at INDIBET?

If you use a competent sports betting strategy, you will 100% be able to earn!